Leonard Borrelli, MS

Lenny Borrelli, MS joined the company in 2001 as its first full time employee. Mr. Borrelli is a 2005 graduate in Medical Physics from The Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo). Lenny has an extensive background in Nuclear Medicine, which includes ARRT and NMTCB certifications in that area. He specializes in the American College of Radiology (ACR) SPECT, PET and CT accreditation testing. Lenny also serves as a Certified Radiation Expert (CRE) in Diagnostic Radiology within the State of Ohio (#276) and is a recognized RSO in Ohio and many Agreement States (WV, MS, KY, VA, IL). Mr. Borrelli is also a Certified Medical Physicist in Training for the State of Florida (#234) for Diagnostic Radiology.