ACR Accredited


Our Services

Full Medical Physics Support

  • Quarterly Review of Radiation Safety Program in Nuclear Medicine Departments by State Qualified Medical Physicists
  • Preparation for New, Renewal, and Amendment Licenses
  • Film Badge Services
  • New and Used Hot Lab Equipment and hot lab setup and testing
  • Certified Radiation Experts in State of Ohio
  • Licensed Medical Physicists in New York, Florida and Texas with registrations in many more
  • E-audits ( remote electronic auditing of records for selected locations through out the United States
  • Annual Required calibrations services to Radiology Departments to include MRI, CT, Digital Mammography, General Radiographic and Fluoroscopic
  • Annual The Joint Commission compliance testing of Imaging Services (NEW SERVICE as required)
  • Shielding prescriptions
  • Radiation Safety Officer services in many States
  • Office manuals for private practice Imaging Centers

American College of Radiology (ACR) Testing

  • Decades of camera experience
  • Hundreds of cameras tested for ACR accreditation
  • Competitive pricing
  • ACR qualified physicists
  • Experienced in ALL modalities
  • CT
  • MRI
  • PET
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • Mammography Workstation Monitor Evaluations for remote Physician Diagnosing
  • Provide ALL needed phantoms for all modalities
  • Available for testing nationwide

Diagnostic Radiology Calibrations

* Radiographic and Fluoroscopic tube testing
CT, MRI, Mammography, Cone Beam CT, Dental, Ambient surveys for compliance, Ultrasound evaluations

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